Disaster Averted/Pitch-In-Litter Pick-up (April 2021 Message)

Disaster Averted/Pitch-In-Litter Pick-up (April 2021 Message)

Wendy, you always ask me to let you know if we ever find things of interest while doing litter pick-up as part of the Adopt A Hwy Program. Unfortunately we postponed it once due to weather, and then cancelled until further notice due to the Covid-19 request to avoid contact. But don’t be sad, I still have a story to tell.
Several volunteers in the Carson Lake area have been doing a litter pick-up along the Snowmobile/ATV trails west of Barry’s Bay. We have done about 50 +/-kms of trails recently which include parts of Trail Numbers, 155, 157, 158, and 159, as well as the “B” Trail from Barry’s Bay to just west of Aylen Lake Rd. See the pictures below of the Super Volunteers, Brian Moore, Ted and Grant Grzywniak. We were able to divert much stuff to recycling, some to the beer store, and the remainder to the landfill. We felt 50 kms gave us plenty of room to stay at a safe distance.
Also recently another Super Volunteer joined me, Simon Burchat. This is when my blood started to boil. We came across a dumpsite beside the railbed where it slopes into Carson Lake. Some inconsiderate, scum of the earth, F#$&%&G JERK dumped 11 oil filters (looked like they were from small engines like ATV or outboard) four pairs of work boots, empty oil jugs, 2 pairs of running shoes, much other garbage, and to top it off, 2 FOUR litre containers of waste oil. These were within 3 steps of the shoreline of the pristine waters of Carson Lake. Over time the containers would have succumbed to the sun’s UV rays and deteriorated, dumping EIGHT liters of waste oil into our beautiful Lake. This would have been disastrous!!!!!
Let me ask you, “What kind of BRAINLESS, INHUMAN, IDIOT, MORON, would stoop so low. In my anger, I forgot to take photos, however, I did text Hilary so that his dedicated team could pick up these Trail Treasures at the corner of the railbed and Paugh Lake Rd.
Eventually cameras will catch the LOWLIFE who is dumping on the railbed between Barry’s Bay and Carson Lake. I have brought this problem to the attention of the Township over the past several years, and when caught, I hope the sentence is; life in prison, with hard labour, in a third world country, and without a chance of parole for 962 years. If you want to know how I really feel, ask me next time we get to chat. I cannot write it down because it might be me in that third world prison.
Luca Grys, (Opeongo Snowbirds) Teresa Hebb, (Renfrew County ATV Club) Mayor Love, Hilary Kutchkoskie, The Madawaska Valley Current, and the Valley Gazette, please add an ANTI LITTER MESSAGE, when ever possible, in your correspondence with the public. Also circulate my memo if you feel it would help cut down on litter. 
All you folks out there who use social media, please feel free to circulate this.
Whenever all you conscientious citizens have an opportunity to thank the afore mentioned Volunteers, please do so. 
Final request. There are two dump sites very close to Martin Siding Rd and the railbed that need to be cleaned up. They can be reached by your automobile or on foot from Martin Siding Rd. Very tall boots, or hip waders, or perhaps chest waders, might be needed. I could use a couple volunteers for this project. Please call.   

Thank You
Frank Burchat,


Volunteer, CTLG Lakes Association, Opeongo Snowbirds, RCATV Club

Carson Lake, Ontario