Effects of Littering

Effects of Littering

As a further example of the effects of littering, Pelee Island, situated in Lake Erie, is our southernmost point in Canada. It is renowned, amongst many things, for its stopover of migratory birds. Sadly, this island is not immune. According to Solène Williams of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, there has been reported an accumulation of discarded balloons which not only take a long time to break down but can be very hazardous to many species. Birds especially become entangled in their strings, making them unable to fly and preventing them from eating, migrating or avoiding predators.

Gull with balloon ribbon wrapped around its feet (Photo by Jason Read)

But what really got me was the image of this endangered eastern fox snake whose head was stuck in a pop can. The snake died from being unable to slide its scales backward over the sharp edges.

(Photo by NCC)

Our actions can have such a profound consequence on our flora and fauna and create an ecological imbalance, so please be mindful.

Please read the complete story at https://www.natureconservancy.ca/en/blog/archive/you-wont-waste-your-time.html#.Y_TmVWnMJD8