Feeling greenwashed in choosing the right cleaning product that is safe on your septic and the environment?          
You are not alone. Please consider choosing products with the following third-party seals which means that you can trust the manufacturer’s claims and that the products met the highest standards of environmental responsibility.**


Since the summer of 2010, all household cleaners have gone phosphate-free. Federal regs mandate that they contain less than 0.5 per cent elemental phosphorus by weight… Both phosphates and ammonia are biodegradable, but they both endanger aquatic life. ~ ADRIA VASIL (2012) author and environmentalist-human rights advocate, writes for Ecoholic, NOW magazine with guest appearances on CBC Marketplace and endorsed by David Suzuki.

Examples of Canadian brands that carry the EcoLogo seal are EcoMax, BioVert and Nature Clean

What if my cleaning product has the EPA symbol instead?      

 EPA vs. Green Seal/EcoLogo**  

  • Facilities that require sanitizing or disinfecting need an EPA registered product. 
  • Facilities that require specific kill claims against viruses and bacteria need an EPA registered product. 
  • Facilities that want a green certification, but do not require kill claims, need a Green Seal or EcoLogo  [Envirox EPA]

For more information please read the following:

** Understanding EPA, Green Seal, and EcoLogo Registrations & Certifications