CTLG Lakes Association

Annual General Meeting

May 20, 2018

Directors Present: Al Best, Christine Hill, Danielle Paul, Stephen Tovell, Wendy Wolak

Absent: Mayor Kim Love   (The Mayor’s Address had to be postponed due to her absence.)

We would like to thank the sponsors for our meeting. Madawaska Coffee Co. provided delicious coffee and Metro provided a variety of snacks.

Meeting began at 1:15

Al Best brought the meeting to order.

Directors’ Updates:

Al Best

Al outlined all CTLG activities/services for 2017. They included:

  • FOCA eLerts for all members
  • Love Your Lakes Program: Shoreline assessment in Summer of 2018
  • We are working towards becoming a corporation (non-profit)
  • A Fishing Enhancement Committee has been established. Members of the committee are Doug Beingessner, Angelo Mosca, Peter Milas and Al Best. MNRF continue annual stocking of Trout Lake with “Lakers” on a “put grow and take” basis.

Wendy Wolak

Wendy outlined the various environmental initiatives and reviewed pertinent environmental concerns in the area, including:

Anti-Littering Campaign

  • Recruiting volunteers for the “Adopt-a-highway” program – Hwy 60 between Carson and trout Lakes and “Adopt a Road” for Siberia Road
  • Signup sheets were provided at the meeting, but contact can also be made through the “Contact Us” part of the website
  • A sign was made for Arbor Vitae Road,  notorious for dumping

Possible Environmental Projects

  • Christina Davies from the MNRF is looking for projects for her group of Stewardship Rangers, 17 year old students.
  • This could include turtle platforms, duck boxes, bat boxes, etc.
  • Wendy also expressed an interest in donations of 1x12x10 Untreated lumber for these constructions

Invasive Species Monitoring

  • Wendy called attention to the display board that she created outlining invasive species in the area
  • The EDDMapS App was described and members were asked to use it to report invasive species in the local area (or report to their toll free hotline – 1 800 563-7711
  • Madawaska Valley seems untouched by invasive species, but this is probably due to underreporting – the Banded Mystery Snail and Asian Longhorn Beetles have been spotted
  • Paugh Lake had tested positive for juvenile Zebra Mussels (they did not reach maturity due to low calcium levels in the lake)
  • Adult Zebra Mussels have been found in areas such as Cobden and Eganville
  • the dog strangling vine is suppressing forest regeneration and how the Eurasian Water Milfoil spreads by fragmentation so it is important that boats visiting our lakes from infested areas are clean
  • Here is a short video on how to clean your boat 

Endangered Species Awareness and Projects

  • Several endangered species in the area were reviewed, and there was another call for (untreated) wood donations to build structures for endangered turtles

Water Quality Testing (see Appendix 1: Water Quality Data for detailed results)

  • A tester is required for Lepine Lake
  • In 2003, Greenan Lake showed 33% higher phosphate levels than the other lakes 
  • From 2003 – 2016, Trout Lake showed a 28% increase in phosphate level
  • From 2016-2017, there was a 52% increase in phosphate in Trout Lake (flooding/high water a possible cause)
  • Decline in clarity/Increase in dissolved solids in trout Lake – this decreases the amount of sunlight getting through to aquatic plants

Christine Hill

Christine reviewed the website contents, committee opportunities, and need for a new Secretary next year.

  • Members were reminded of our website and the function of the “Contact Us” page – all emails will be forwarded to the correct Director
  • Members were invited to join a variety of committees, including Social Committee, Fishing Enhancement, and Invasive Species Monitoring 
  • Members were invited to make contributions to the website, especially local stories, recipes, photos, etc.
  • As she will step down next year due to increased career demands, Christine outlined the duties of Secretary and offered to mentor someone through the role. Responsibilities include maintenance of the website, membership list and mailing list, taking minutes of meetings, and sending occasional emails.

Steve Tovell

Steve began by expressing his wish for better participation in CTGL and attendance at the AGM, and reassuring people that volunteerism can be a large or small commitment. He then outlined his work in the area of Security:

  • Steve outlined a breakin that occurred at his cottage and asked who in the audience had also experienced vandalism or theft (4-5 raised hands)
  • Looking for levels of interest in a “Cottage Watch”-type program: what does the membership need?
  • Options can be looking at vandalism, littering reporting
  • Invited others to reach out to form a committee to assess and try to fill members’ needs 

Danielle Paul

Danielle began by expressing her happiness with the level of collaboration with outside groups such as the Interlakes Council and Renfrew County Stewardship Forum. Through committee work with other groups, we have been complimented on our environmental focus and mission statement. Her updates included:

  • Members can contact any of the Directors through the “Contact Us” page of the website and also the Facebook Page – just send a message
  • The Madawaska Valley Current is a free local paper that is online and has some paper copies available
  • The Ontario Turtle Conservation Group have turtle signs available
  • Many turtles have been killed on the road by the outlet to Lake Kamaniskeg (possibly intentionally)

Frank Burchat, Member

Frank began by explaining his role as a volunteer and outlined his efforts to stop illegal dumping and clean up litter. He covered the following:

  • He restated the importance of picking up trash on a regular basis
  • The township has been approached about signage – they would put up signs if we had them made.
  • It would be ideal to have signs on all ten of our roads.
  • Frank noted the difficulty with organizing signage and prosecution for littering. Some groups are unable to monitor of prosecute for littering. 
  • It is also difficult to work with diverse groups, including Renfrew County, Madawaska Valley, MNRF, OPP, Crimestoppers.
  • Frank introduced the MLMS, or Mobile Litter Management System (see prototype below), which he carries on all excursions in order to collect unwanted litter.

The MLMS © F.Burchat

Rick Wolak, CPA – Independent Auditor (See Appendix 2: Auditor’s Report for financial details)

  • Rick described his role as auditor and his findings:
  • Rick examined out finances and found nothing untoward. We have $829 in the bank.
  • Financials are available for all to see.

Danielle Paul noted that association members might like to keep track of donations of time and supplies “in kind” as it could help to demonstrate the level of commitment of members and help in securing grants and funding.

Call for new Directors / Nominations / Voting

Rick Wolak nominated Jackie Aerts Jackie declined 

Rick Wolak nominated Tom Aerts Tom accepted

Tom Aerts’s position of Director was unopposed.

All remaining positions were acclaimed. 

Love Your Lakes Presentation by Emily Batten

Challenges to our lakes:

  • Increasing Population
  • Development Pressures
  • Decreasing Wildlife Habitat and Water Quality

Emily outlined the value of shoreline vegetation versus a mowed grass shoreline:

  • Provides Food and Habitat for animals/fish
  • Filters chemicals, sediment and bacteria from run off
  • Prevents Erosion
  • Reduces the impact of flooding, preventing property damage
  • Aesthetics

Signs of an Unhealthy Shoreline:

  • Cleared of vegetation
  • Lawn to the water’s edge
  • Hardened/artificial shoreline
  • Shoreline erosion

Emily explained that the “Love Your Lakes” program is a pre-packages program that is funded by grants and charitable donations.It operates in several provinces across Canada.  Its purpose is to assess shorelines and make recommendations for improving the health of shorelines. Stakeholders in the program include:

  • Watersheds Canada
  • Canadian Wildlife Federation
  • Regional Organizations
  • Lake Associations like CTLG Lakes Association
  • Property Owners

Emily explained the scope of the project:

  • Introductory letters including a “Values Survey” (members are encouraged  complete this to share what they value in the lakes)
  • Survey of the lake by boat only (includes photographs of the property for reference)
  • Individual survey results sent out electronically, with recommendations for improvement – members will access an online .pdf file with a private access code Paper reports can be ordered for $20.
  • An overall Lake Health report will be generated in early Spring. It will contain no identifying information or specific or particular properties.
  • Long-term outcomes of the survey include identification and protection of wildlife habitat and longer-term data collection

Members who do not want a survey completed or do not wish to have their property photographed are asked to contact Emily.

Another program called Nature’s Edge will come to do shoreline plantings. Because of the long distance from Perth Ontario, property owners are asked to join together so the group can complete several plantings in a single trip. There is minimal cost to this program.

Emily explained that any change is good and that “any buffer is a good buffer”. She encouraged small changes wherever possible.

Member Question: Didn’t we sign up for this last year?

Answer: Yes – and we are going ahead with it this year

Member Question: Do we need to sign up now for this?

Answer: We are all getting this assessment

Member Question: Do we have to get the report?

Answer: If you do not want to participate, please contact Emily

Emily noted that we can access a free water-quality testing kit from the Water Rangers. Wendy will inquire.

Al thanked Emily for her presentation.

Other Business:

Danielle Paul notified members that the Train Station no longer shows the work of local artists. This has been a recent political decision. The Artisan Festival is also cancelled for this year, despite signage to the contrary. She encourages concerned members to contact Kim Love, our mayor, or Suzanne Klatt, our new CAO.

Submitted for approval by Christine Hill , May 22, 2018

Appendix 1: Water Quality Data