Carson Trout Lepine & Greenan

Our Role

  • We test and report water quality and clarity in partnership with Lake Partners in Dorset and with private laboratories.
  • We have adopted Siberia Road (from the Hospital to Yakabuski Rd) and Highway 60 (from Arbor Vitae to Eastside Trout Lake Lane), teams of volunteers regularly clean up roadside litter.
  • We work to identify and have identified invasive species in the lakes.
  • We serve on the Citizen Advisory Council for MNRF working to improve the quality of the sport fishery in our zone.
  • In partnership with Watersheds Canada, we have completed a survey of the entire shoreline on all four lakes and reported to the property owners.
  • We have established an award for a graduating student from MVDHS who demonstrates concern for our environment.
  • We promote safe and respectful boating on our lakes.
  • We provide regular newsletters and communication with members.
  • We hold an annual social event.