AGM Minutes 2022

AGM Minutes 2022




May 22, 2022 1 p.m.

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 406

Barry’s Bay, Ontario

1. Welcome remarks and an Algonquin prayer from Chief Wendy Jocko of the Pikwakanagans.

Chief Jocko was very well received. Tina Ditoro presented a token of appreciation on behalf of the Board.

2. Guest Speakers Rene and Karen Coulas, Chair of the Muskrat Lake Watershed Council

It was pointed out that the problems with phosphorus and nitrates in Muskrat Lake are the result of 100 years of phosphorus and nitrate loading in a slow moving body of water. Over the years, agricultural use has increased and Cobden has increased in size. Levels are now higher than the provincial average and blue-green algae is a problem. The community realized it had a problem and got together to find solutions.

– The agricultural sector needed to be involved and considered  vegetative buffer zones for crops and animals that would stop erosion and protect the lake.

– Cottagers needed to re-wild their properties, cut down on weed killer and plant trees and plants at the water’s edge.

– The Township is working with the Council to stop any sewage overflow from the treatment plant from entering the lake.

Various ministries and organizations were contacted for advice.

– Algonquin College provided water testing for over 20 sites

– Watersheds Canada is helping access grants but this is difficult because there is no conservation authority for the area.

– Volunteers have planted many trees near the shoreline.

– Aerators have been placed on the beach in Cobden (May to December)

– Enzymes are applied in the fall and spring to disperse chemicals in the water

– Mats have been placed near the beach to suppress weed growth.

– Buoys have been set up to keep boats away from the beach.

As a result, the beach was closed for only two weeks last year instead of 6 weeks in previous years.

Water testing has shown a small decrease in chemicals in the water. It is important to remember that this problem took upwards of 100 years to manifest itself. The clean up will probably take up to twenty years.

Tina presented a token of our thanks to Rene and Karen.

3. Presidents’s Opening Address

Wendy thanked Chief Jocko and Karen and Rene Coulas and welcomed attendees. She thanked the Board members in attendance, Helena Potvin, Laurie, Frank Burchat and volunteers that helped throughout the year.

Two members of the Board will be retiring – Jackie Aerts and Christine Hill  

Challenges over this past year have included:

  • Covid
  • water quality testing has been sporadic
  • LDD or Gypsy Moth infestation
  • swimmers itch in our lakes
  • cormorants on Carson Lake and Trout Lake
  • invasive species
  • chloride levels
  • review of bylaws required by ONCA – 
  • turtle crossing signs disappearing

4. Approval of 2021 AGM minutes 

Moved by Frank Burchat Seconded by Helena Potvin CARRIED

5. Approval of Amended Bylaws

 Moved by Doug Beingessner 

Seconded by Marie Villeneuve CARRIED

6. Correspondence

Jackie Aerts read a letter from Christian Plebon, last year’s Bursary recipient. Christian will be studying at Fleming College to become a Fish and Wildlife Technician.

7. Treasurer’s Report-Annabel Marsh

The report showed disbursements for 2021-22 of $2,390.04. Cash on hand as of April 30, 2022 $4,392.61

8. Vote to pass omission of annual external Audit

Moved by Frank Burchat Seconded by Dave Hudder

That no external audit be required


Committee Reports

A. Fishing -Al Best

For the purposes of the Ministry, CTLG is in Zone FMZ-15 which encompasses an area from Georgian Bay to Algonquin Park and from Arnprior to Bancroft. Lakes in this area can be natural lake trout lakes. The objectives are to encourage PUT GROW TAKE.(PGT)

Formal public consultation will begin on June 15 to decide the best ways to:

– protect fishing from stressors

– manage season opening and closing

– decide on stocking levels

– mandate equipment that can be used

Other programs that have been implemented include Bass Mitigation Pilot Project and Coldwater Creeks Rehabilitation.

B. Water Quality and Lake Temperature – Wendy Wolak

The release of data from the Lake Partner Program is behind because of COVID. But as of 2020 there was a concern about the phosphorus levels in Greenan Lake as they could result in algal blooms.

Trout Lake has the highest chloride level near hwy 60 which was almost 6X higher than results from the midlake deep spot. Studies from Queen’s U. are showing a much lower tolerance level for chloride at <40 mg/L from the daphnia population which impacts the aquatic food chain.

Calcium levels in all four lakes are predictably low.

The surface temperature for Trout Lake last August was 25 degrees C. This is too warm for lake trout. This also impacts dissolved oxygen levels.

Some of the stressors affecting our lakes include warm temperatures as a result of the warming climate, invasive species, and more road salt that impacts the lakes, etc.

C. Ice on/off – Frank Burchat

Frank now has four years of data for Carson Lake. This data shows a shorter ice- on period from 149 days in 2018/19 to 119 days in 2021/22. Frank has reported his numbers to Nature Watch.

D. Invasive Species – Wendy Wolak

Phragmites – this is a prohibited plant and the roots are toxic near native plants. CTLG has received a $3,000 grant from FOCA’s Green Shovel Campaign, to remove a section of the plant south of the Ashgrove Inn on Combermere Rd commencing July 18th. This will be a collaborative effort from neighbouring lake associations. Wendy will be asking for volunteers to help with the removal.

Banded Mystery Snail is native to Florida and the Chinese Mystery Snail is the size of a golf ball. However both are protected species under Canada’s Fisheries Act and volunteers were trained and licensed by NDMNRF  on how to remove and euthanize them.

Wendy and four other volunteers have taken the training and will be available to remove any infestation.

ISample-The Isample program (FOCA) offers help to determine if your lake has spiny water fleas or zebra mussels. Wendy applied for the program since we have unconfirmed reports of the spiny water flea and CTLG was selected to participate.

Wendy has emphasized  that all watercraft including boats and trailers must be CLEANED, DRAINED, and DRIED before being moved from one body of water to another body of water. This is now LAW as of January 2022. This prevents invasive species from moving from lake to lake attached to boats.

E. Adopt a Road – Frank Burchat, Doug Beingessner

Frank and Doug thanked all the volunteers that have helped them with the clean-up of Siberia Road and the CTLG section of Hwy. 60 over the last four years. These are ongoing projects and volunteers are welcomed and appreciated. Frank noted that there was a noticeable improvement along Hwy 60.

Unfinished Business

A. Last year, there were concerns raised on Carson Lake about shoreline erosion and the noticeable decline in their loon population. This year No Wake signs will be visible to remind boaters to reduce speed near shorelines. This will help to minimize further shoreline erosion, swamping loon nests and property damage. Wendy will coordinate with Carson Lake Members to provide a sign. May is the month to Be Wake Aware.

B. All Three of our turtle crossing signs have been stolen. Further it was pointed out that road signs for Wiltom, Weglarz and Matcheski have also been stolen.

11. New Business

A. Board Vacancy-Cheryl Pim offered to fill one of the vacancies on the Board. Thank you and welcome Cheryl!

B. Municipal Elections-Judy Armstrong outlined the importance of municipal elections and the reasons for voting in municipal elections.

C. Social Committee-Tina Ditoro The members of the committee are Tina, Wendy, Anne-Marie and Jane. Tina requested that there be a representative from each lake to organize social occasions. She asked if the membership was interested in a 4 lake get together, potluck. The show of hands was affirmative.

D. Septic Systems – Jamie Ducker spoke on the importance of rules and criteria for septic systems to protect the environment. Members were provided with a handout.

Meeting adjourned at 3 p.m. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS-Next AGM May 21, 2023.