AGM Minutes 2023

AGM Minutes 2023

Carson Trout Lepine & Greenan Lakes Association

Annual General Meeting Minutes

May 21 2023


Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 406

Barry’s Bay, Ontario

Chair’s Welcoming Remarks-Wendy Wolak

7 th annual meeting

The association represents 100 properties

Welcome to Mark Wilmer, mayor and Mary Blank, councillor of the Madawaska Valley

Thank you to volunteers and sponsors for their support over the last year

Some challenges the association and area are facing:

invasive species, floating accommodations, Bill 23

Introduction of board:






Land Acknowledgement

Call to Order

Quorum present

Approval of AGM minutes from 2022-motion made by Wendy Wolak

Recommended that the minutes of the Carson Trout Lepine and Greenan Lakes Association Annual General Meeting held on May 22 2022 be approved as written

Seconded by Ted Gryzwniak

Motion carried

Financial Report-Annabel Marsh

1. Approval of financial report

Some highlights:

  • Website redesigned and upgraded
  • Insurance costs and what it covers

No opposition to the financial statements

Recommended by Annabel to accept the financial report

Seconded by Dave Hudder

Motion carried

2. Year end change

Change the year end date from April 30 to December 31 to facilitate easier bookkeeping

Motion by Doug Beingessner

Seconded by Christine Bialy

Motion carried

3. Annual Audit Waiver

Waive the need to have an audit due to the low revenue stream

Motion by Wendy Wolak

Seconded by Pauline Burchat

Motion carried

Budget Presentation-Cheryl

Explanation of some budget wish list:

  • Website upgrades
  • Lake plan protection and strategies
  • Increase membership fees from $20 to $30 annually

Motion by Cheryl to increase membership fees to $30 denied

More general discussion by the members to increase them to $40 instead

The overwhelming consensus of those present at the meeting was that the fees should be increased to $40 in order to support the budget and to support any future initiatives

CTLG membership fees lower than most other associations

This new membership fee would apply starting January 2024 (with the year end change)

Motioned by Cheryl to increase the annual membership fee to $40

Seconded by Doug Beingessner

Motion carried

Committee Reports

Fishing Report-Al Best

1. FMZ 15 Regulations

2. Public comments

3. Recycling and eliminating Lead Tackle

4. Creel survey

5. Learn to fish day-Sunday Aug 6 2023

6. Cold water fishery

7. Naturalize shorelines

8. Carson lake creeks

9. Comprehensive plan

Water Quality Report and Invasive species-Wendy Wolak

1. Lake partnering program

2. Phosphorus levels

3. Calcium levels

4. Chloride levels

5. Secchi recordings

6. Nitrates levels

7. Mercury levels

8. Fish hook flea

9. Phragmites

10. Banded snail

Adopt a highway-Frank Burchat

Report on clean up of highway 60 and surrounding trails

Findings on clean up Some slight improvement but still troublesome that the environment continues to be abused with a variety of garbage

Adopt a road-Doug Beingessner

Report on Siberia Road clean up

Volume removed about the same as in previous years

Highlight of findings this cleanup: finding a sex toy!!!!

Election of Directors

Judy and Jamie retiring

Thanked for their service and contributions

Angelo Mosca Jr. joining the board

2 directors still required to make the 7

Motion by Wendy Wolak to accept the 5 board members until such time as 2 additional board members are found

Seconded by Frank Burchat

Motion carried

New Business

1. Steve Tovell-Bursary award -given to Rory Recoskie

2. Shipping container issue

3. Property break ins

-ask neighbours to watch your property when away

4. Succession planning seminar June 3 2023 in Maynooth

5. Carson Lake “ice off” winner

6. Stewardship Award-Anne-Marie Moore

7. Stone Fence Theatre tickets winner-Pauline Burchat

8. CTLG Social-Volunteers needed

Motion to Adjourn-Wendy Wolak

Seconded by Frank Burchat

Motion carried

Meeting adjourned